Insolation Eneegy IPO Analysis

Insolation Eneegy IPO Analysis


Fundamentals Analysis for Any industry and company can be done under three basic steps .
1- Business or Economy cycles
2 Industry / Sector Analysis
3- Company financial and promoters .

Thease are basic parameters to consider any stock or long / Mid term Investment or IPO .

First we shall talk about Business or Economy cycle . As per available data of last 300 years it is observed that every 12 years some major Changes and up or down side of Economy is seen for Example previous recession was observed in year 2008-9 now big recession again faced by all of us in year 2020 March . Each Business cycle again four phases(a) Recession (b)Recovery (c) growth (d) Boom of the Economy .

Now global Economy is undergoing in recovery phase after recession therefore now full ten years are there for growth and boom for global economy . Therefore any industry if set up or has undergone and overcome recession period successfull means company and Industry is under bull run next 10 years .

Now second most important point of business cycle is selection of Industry or sector for investment . As per available data and considering power shortage and limitation of coal and other natural sources demand and cost of Electricity will keep increasing . Right now power crisis is seen different part of globe including Europ and china . Our India also seen power shortage three months .

Therefore reneviable Energy is the only answer specially solar energy generation is Easiest and solar plants can instal allmost every place .

Keeping view of the demand of electricity future of solar energy is very attractive and safe. Government of India is also promoting through various scheme for solar power generation

Few years back there is flood of chinesse solar equipment in India now government has imposed heavy import duty 25-40% on imported solar panels etc .

Now Indian Solar pannel manufacturing companies are in safe hand .

Keeping in view of solar power requirements , solar pannel manufacturing company future is bright .

Third important point of fundamental Analysis is company financials and promoters background .

Insolation Energy Ltd has following key facts & Figures

1- 5 year of Excellence
2- 500 plus projects completed
3-250 plus MW of solar modules supplied
4-. 10,000 happy customers
5. 200 MW rated capacity
6-. Among 10 solar brand in India
7-. Largest solar pannel company of Rajasthan
8 second largest. Company in northern India
9+. 215 Cr revenue , 7 cr PAT
10- 3 year CAGR revenue 34.37% , PAT 30.88% .
11- Assets turnover Ration of the company shows continuous progress Fy 20- 11.28 , Fy 21 – 16.14, Fy 22 – 23.82

12- company management are under command of Mr Manish Gupta and Mr Vikas Jain both are from business families and Qualified Engineer ..

Insolation Energy Ltd is 40% annual growth company and having bright future ahead .

INA is coming up with IPO on BSE SME platform .

INA IPO issue dates are 26-29 Sept 2022.and price band Rs 36-38 , lot size 3000 shares .

Keeping in view of the all the above fundamental parameters investment in Insolation Energy Ltd is recommended .

Important to note company financial records as per information available and provided by company .kindly go through company details and financial at web site and consider Investment always subject to risk .